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A Compendium of Gun Control Arguments

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I was taking a look at my old Gamergate blog post the other day, and was delighted to see that it’s just as vague and positionless as I’ve come to respect myself for! In the same spirit, I’m a bit tired of all the gun control arguments flooding social media constantly – mostly consisting of smatterings of “muh rights!!1!” and “lol guns r bad rite?!!?!”

So, to continue my moderate, vague, and positionless streak (and to add to the flood of self-righteous opinions myself), I’m going to start a series of “Compendiums” to serve as collections of some of the more nuanced discussions I’ve seen on otherwise extremely partisan topics. My hope is that this can alleviate (in any small way) the “cultural echo-chamberism” that Facebook and other social media outlets encourage. I should note that I may give my opinions/takeaways, but they are not meant to be the emphasis of this exercise.

Also, I’m going to disclose any biases I have before beginning these issues so that there are lessened accusations that I may be pushing a hidden agenda.

On the topic of Gun Control I am center-left generally. I believe:

  • Some level of gun restriction is necessary in a civil society.
  • Automatic rifles should be extremely difficult for civilians to attain (and they seem to be).
  • Everyone should be allowed (and perhaps encouraged) to have one weapon of some kind (be it a firearm or not) for home defense alone, as the police don’t seem to be enough (note: a website entitled “Freedom Outpost” is likely not unbiased).

So, with that out of the way, let’s begin!

I’ve titled this first one Gun Violence is a Cultural Issue by /u/masamunecyrus on reddit – link.

I think the main takeaways of this post are as follows:

  • Each of us needs to think critically about whether or not legislation will solve a specific problem before jumping on a side or moralizing.
  • Understand that mass shooting encompass a small percentage of overall gun deaths – we simply hear about them more because there is more tragedy all at once.
  • The War on Drugs (which could be its own topic) would be better served as a “War on Illegal Firearms.”
  • Federal law should mandate that all American citizens age 16 (or 18) and over have basic firearm operation and safety training so as to diminish accidental misuse.

This next piece was apparently inspiration for the above post. I call it Legislate the Effect by /u/the_blue_wizard – link.

Finally, here’s a post from Quora that summarizes Gun Control difficulty quite well (this whole thread is really worth reading, to be honest). Credit to Jon Mixon, with source.

Overall, I recommend people check out reddit’s NeutralPolitics subreddit daily, as it has pretty decent discussion (especially compared to the mouthbreathing echo-chambers of r/Politics, r/MarchAgainstTrump, r/esist, r/The_Donald, and Voat as a whole). Additionally, Quora is generally a nicely nuanced source and has a great thread on Gun Control in particular.

Until I next put my foot in my mouth!

Much indeed to be regretted, party disputes are now carried to such a length, and truth is so enveloped in mist and false representation, that it is extremely difficult to know through what channel to seek it. This difficulty to one, who is of no party, and whose sole wish is to pursue with undeviating steps a path which would lead this country to respectability, wealth, and happiness, is exceedingly to be lamented. But such, for wise purposes, it is presumed, is the turbulence of human passions in party disputes, when victory more than truth is the palm contended for.

GEORGE WASHINGTON, letter to Timothy Pickering, July 27, 1795

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