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Current Project

Colony 101

Colony 101 is a sci-fi social experiment game being built in Unreal Engine 4. It is currently in its early stages, but stay tuned for more info as it progresses!


Past Projects

Groupr, August 2016 – December 2016

Groupr is a group task handler, chat, and scheduling web app that my team and I created for our Senior Design in Computer Science at Purdue. Its creation revolved around the idea that matching schedules of many group members can be extremely frustrating, and so we developed a web app that would do that in addition to all the other features of team management applications. The project was built in Angular/node.js/MongoDB and was an extremely fun app to work on as it showed me how crazy powerful Angular, node.js, and MongoDB can be!

Here are some screenshots of the finished project:


Project: Ascended, October 2014 – May 2016

Project Ascended was a tech demo for a 2D sandbox-simulation built in Unity 5. It featured a 2D tile-based procedurally generated world, indirect minion control, electricity and oil simulation, and sophisticated AI and Item systems. This project was a ton of fun to build and was a great learning experience for the general game development pipeline. Project: Ascended was shelved in May of 2016 after determining that its market potential would probably not cover more financial investment.

Here of some screenshots of its development:



Maelstrom Tennis App for Android, Winter 2011

This was a free app I created in Eclipse using Java and the (at the time) available Android SDK. The SDK now is much more sophisticated than what was available back then, but this was an amazing learning experience in taking a project from 0-100 and actually getting it on Google Play. In addition, it got over 300 downloads in the 48 hours it was up!

Unfortunately, it eventually had to be removed from Google Play due to legal issues with Atari’s ownership of Pong. It was great fun to build, however!

Here’s some images/screenshots:



Also, long ago I dabbled with designing levels/adventures in Spore, which received a decent number of plays and fairly positive reviews. You can find info about these here.



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